Academy l

Standard Building

Production of research point(s)Research small
Expansion requirements:
Wood small Crystal small
Use requirements:
Icon citizenIcon upkeep
Crystal small for Experiments

Description Edit

The Academy is a sublime place full of knowledge which combines old traditions with modern technology. The wisest heads of your town await entrance! Consider that every scientist needs his own laboratory which costs money. The larger the academy the more scientists you can employ at the same time.

Building Information Edit

The Academy is one of the most important buildings in a town. It is the place of learning for your capital or colonies. Each scientist produces Research small research point per hour, but also costs Gold small in upkeep (-3 Gold small for the loss of each Icon citizen and -6 Gold small for the cost of each Scientist small). This value will be taken out of your income, instead of adding to your upkeep.

Throughout your colonies, all your academies pool all their research points together; you can then use these points to "buy" a technology via your research adviser. Having more academies means that it will take less time to research any technology. Therefore it is a good idea to build an Academy in each colony.

Expansion Details Edit

Note: The time it takes to upgrade to the next level is determined by the following formula: $ { Build ~time ~in ~seconds = ( \frac { 1440 } { 1 } \times 1.2 ^ { Level } - 720 ) } $
$ { ~rounded ~to ~the ~nearest ~whole ~second } $
Level 1 does not follow this formula, as its build time was shortened when it was added to the in-game tutorial.

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