Barracks l

Standard Building

Training of Units
Expansion requirements:
Wood small and Marble small
Use requirements:
To build all: Wood smallIcon citizenIcon upkeep
Most use: Sulphur small
A few use: Wine small or Crystal small


In the Barracks the boisterous youth is instructed to become keen fighters. Your soldiers know how to handle swords, spears and catapults and are also able to lead the mightiest war machines safely over the field.

  • Higher level Barracks can train units faster.

Ikariam Plus options

Naturalize Barbarians-3

New look

The Barracks is getting a new look, in patch 0.5.0.

Expansion Details

Note: The time it takes to upgrade to the next level is determined by the following formula: { Build ~time ~in ~seconds = ( \frac { 25200 } { 11 } \times  1.1 ^ { Level } - 1728 ) }
{ ~rounded ~to ~the ~nearest ~whole ~second }
Level 1 does not follow this formula, as its build time was shortened when it was added to the in-game tutorial.

  • Each type of land Unit has a Minimum Barracks Level Minimum: only Barracks which have been upgraded to that level or higher can train that unit. Upgrades above the minimum barracks level for that unit will reduce training time for that unit.

Training Times


  • The highest level needed to build all Units is level 14.
    • Raising the Barracks to higher levels will reduce the Training time for all units.
  • Most troops require research to build even if you have the level needed for them.

Other Buildings