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Shipyard l

Standard Building

Building of Ships
Dry-Dock ( Seafaring )
Expansion requirements:
Wood small and Marble small
Use requirements:
Wood small Crystal small Sulphur smallIcon citizenIcon upkeep


What would an island empire be without its fleet? At the Shipyard, mighty battle ships are made ready and launched for long journeys over the oceans. May the seven seas tremble before them!

  • Higher level Shipyards can build ships faster.

Garrison limit

The Shipyard contributes to your Sea Garrison Limit.

Every level of the shipyard provides +25 spaces for your ships.

Expansion Details

Note: The time it takes to upgrade to the next level is determined by the following formula:

{ Build ~time ~in ~seconds = ( \frac { 64800 } { 7 } \times  1.05 ^ { Level } - 7128 ) }
{ ~rounded ~to ~the ~nearest ~whole ~second }

  • Each type of ship has a Minimum Shipyard Level  Minimum: only Shipyards which have been upgraded to that level or higher can build that ship. Upgrades above the Minimum  Minimum for that ship will reduce the amount of time required to build it.

Construction Times

{Construction \ time \ = Base \ time \times 0.95 ^ {Shipyard \ Level \ increase} }

Other Buildings

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