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Buildings are important in Ikariam, as they allow you to do may different tasks, increase your production or reduce some of the requirements for other buildings.

Listed below are buildings in which you can build in your town(s). Some, may require Wood small, Luxury or researches in order to be built.

Standard Buildings


Academy l Research Required: None
Description: The Academy is a sublime place full of knowledge which combines old traditions with modern technology. The wisest heads of your town await entrance! Consider that every scientist needs his own laboratory which costs money.
Effect: The larger the academy the more scientists you can employ at the same time.


Barracks l Research Required: None
Description: In the Barracks the boisterous youth is instructed to become keen fighters. Your soldiers know how to handle swords, spears and catapults and are also able to lead the mightiest war machines safely over the field.
Effect: When you upgrade your barracks, the troops are instructed faster and you may be able to instruct new types of troops.

Black Market

Research required: Soldier Exchange ( Economy )
Description: Our battle-tested warriors in their shiny armour, and our progressive war machines have become legendary. Now it's time to make a profit from them. Other leaders will be eager to purchase these troops.
Effect: Upgrading Black Market enables you to sell more types of units and reduce the tax rate for this trade.


Dump l
Research Required: Waste Dump ( Economy )
Description: A Dump enables you to store large amounts of goods. Every extension level of the Dump can hold 32,000 units of each type of good. However, the Dump is not protected from pillagers.
Effect: Upgrading your Dump allows you to store more resources.


Embassy l
Research required: Foreign Cultures ( Seafaring )
Description The embassy is a busy place: diplomats from all over the world negotiate contracts here, forge treaties, and found alliances. In order to get a larger alliance you need to upgrade your embassy.
Effect: Every level of your embassy increases your diplomacy points. From Level 1 on, you are able to found an alliance (it needs at least 3 diplomacy points)

Governor's Residence

Governors residence l
Research required: Expansion ( Seafaring )
Special: Colony only. Cannot be be built in Capital
Description: A governor in your colony guarantees that all the daily administrative tasks are done properly. He or she also lowers the level of corruption in your colony. The governor´s residence can also be upgraded to a palace if you ever want to move your capital.
Effect: Every Level upgrade reduces the corruption of the colony it is in. Converting a Governor's Residence to a palace will destroy your original Palace.


Hideout l
Research required: Espionage ( Science )
Description: After you have researched espionage, you gain the ability to construct a hideout. The hideout allows you to hire spies. While in it, they help to catch foreign spies. Spies can be sent on missions, and they can discover information such as the number of troops a city has or what is in its warehouse.
Effect: A higher hideout level gives you a greater chance of a successful mission. It also gives you better protection from being spied and allows you to get more spies.


Museum l
Research required: Cultural Exchange ( Science )
Description: At the museum your citizens are able to see how other nations try to copy our excellent culture. In order to host larger exhibitions you should upgrade your museum.
Effect: Every upgrade of your museum allows you to show a further cultural good. It also gives a small bonus to satisfaction in the town.


Palace l
Research required: Expansion ( Seafaring )
Special: Capital only
Description: The palace is an excellent place to lead your empire into the future! It also provides a gorgeous view of the sea.
Effect: Every upgrade of your capital´s palace allows you to set up another colony. If you declare another town your capital the old Palace is destroyed. You will have to build the Governor's Residence from the ground up.

Pirate Fortress

PirateFortress l Research Required: Piracy ( Seafaring )
Description: A threatening pirate banner flies over your town's Pirate Fortress. The pirate who accumulates the most loot during a capture run can secure grandiose rewards. So that your capture points are not robbed from you, until the day of the position calculation you should strengthen your crew.
Effect: Upgrading the building allows access to more capture point missions and the raiding of towns further away.

Sea Chart Archive

SeaChartArchive l Research Required: Archiving ( Science )
Description: Valuable sea charts are archived in the Sea Chart Archive. This allows our sailors to navigate the seven seas even faster. The higher the building level and the more distant the destination, the greater the time saving for the journey there and back.
Effect: Reduces the travel time for all ships when traveling great distances.


Shipyard l
Research required: Dry-Dock ( Military )
Description: What would an island empire be without its fleet? At the shipyard, mighty battleships are made ready and launched for long journeys over the oceans. May the seven seas tremble before them!
Effect: Allows building larger ship. Larger shipyards can also build the ships faster.


Tavern l
Research required: Wine Culture ( Economy )
Description: After a day's work there is nothing more pleasant than a cool jug of wine. That's why your citizens love to meet at the Tavern. And when the last old songs have been sung at the end of the day, they set out merrily and cheerful for home.
Effect: Every upgrade of your tavern allows you to serve more Wine small.

It also gives a small bonus to satisfaction in the town.


Temple l
Research Required: Polytheism ( Science )
Description: The temple is a place of faith, belief and reflection. Priests live here, paying homage to their God and spreading his word throughout the island. You can also pray for miracles here, as long as you show him enough respect.
Effect: The larger the temple, the more priests you can employ at the same time.

Town hall

Town hall l
Research required: None
Special: Is built automatically for a new player, or a new colony.
Description: At the heart of the town you can find the town hall, through which the town grows and flourishes.
  1. Every upgrade of your town hall allows you to increase your housing space
  2. Every 4th level, upgraded, you will receive 1 more action point for that town. (e.x. level 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, ...)

Town wall

Research required: None
Description: The town wall protects your citizens against your enemies and the sun. Beware! Enemies will try to tear holes into your wall.
Effect: Larger walls have better armor, HP, and deal more damage to the attacker.

Trading port

Trading port l
Research required: None
Description: The port is your gateway to the world. Here you can hire trade ships and ready them for long journeys. You can also receive precious goods from places far away.
Effect: Larger trading ports can load ships faster.

Trading post

Trading post l
Research required: Wealth ( Economy )
Description: Merchants and traders do their business at the trading post. There is always a deal to make or a bargain to hunt. Merchants from far away rather to head for big and well known trading posts!
Effect: Range to view other trading posts is increased with every odd numbered level. Capacity to sell is increased every upgrade.


Warehouse l
Research required: Conservation ( Economy )
Special: Up to 4 can be built in one town.
Description: A part of your supplies is protected at the warehouse. It keeps mean pillagers, rain, birds, and other pests away. The warehouse keeper is also always well informed about your resource storage.
Effect: Upgrading your warehouse allows you to protect more supplies and to store more resources.


Workshop l
Research required: Invention ( Science )
Description: The most skilled men of our town serve at the workshop. They improve our troops´ and warships´ equipment with the latest inventions. May they become even better and stronger!
Effect: Every stage of improvement allows you to get more upgrades for troops and ships.

Production Buildings

Explanation of Production Buildings

All production buildings increase the production of a specific resource mine. ¿More production information needed?

Town Buildings

Alchemist's Tower

Alchemists tower l
Research Required: Improved Resource Gathering ( Economy )
Description: When the wind blows west, a smell fills the streets around the tower and many a citizen doesn't leave the house without a peg on their nose. Our alchemists work restlessly on finding the perfect mixture and take care that we can get even more sulphur out of the pit.
Effect: IncreasesSulphur small (Sulfur / Sulphur) production by 2% per level.
Special: Can only be built on aSulphur small Island.

Forester's House

Foresters house l
Research Required: Improved Resource Gathering ( Economy )
Description: The strong lumberjacks can chop down even the largest trees. But they also know, that a forest must be cultivated and new trees must be planted, so that we can continue to use only the best woods for our houses.
Effect: Increases Wood small (Wood or Building Material) production by 2% per level.


Glassblower l
Research Required: Improved Resource Gathering ( Economy )
Description: True masters of their art create sparkling pieces at the glassblower's house. The blow tubes, glasses and all sorts of other apparatuses only our scientists understand. And they are so handy, that things break only once in a while.
Effect: Increases Crystal small (Crystal glass) production by 2% per level.
Special: Can only be built on a Crystal small Island.


Stonemason l
Research Required: Improved Resource Gathering ( Economy )
Description: A trained stonemason always quarries the right blocks of marble with his strong arms. He breaks less and our builders always have the material they need.
Effect: IncreasesMarble small (Marble) production by 2% per level.
Special: Can only be built on aMarble small Island.


Winegrower l
Research Required: Improved Resource Gathering ( Economy )
Description: A Winegrower only chooses the most sunny hills of the surrounding area to cover them with the comforting green of the vines. That's how the vineyards produce full fruits that make for a much better harvest.
Effect: IncreasesWine small (Wine) production by 2% per level.
Special: Can only be built on aWine small Island.

Island Buildings

Helios Tower

Helios Tower ACTIVE
Research Required: none
Description: Ever since Helios Tower was reconstructed, its bright flame has been glowing for everyone beneath the skies! As long as it is illuminated, all of the island's resource mines will produce 10 % more resources for all players on the island!

As soon as the tower is built, the flame burns 21 days for free in honor of the generous constructor - afterwards all players can donate lamp oil to let the flame continue burning together.

Effect: Increases Wood small (wood) + Luxury (Luxury Good) production by 10% while the tower is illuminated (additive to the other production buildings).
Special: Requires Ambrosia ambrosia to keep illuminate the tower and to maintain the illumination.

Reduction Buildings

Explanation of Reduction Buildings

All reduction buildings add their deduction percentage to that given by Pulley, Geometry and Spirit Level. This means the actual discount is an additional 1% per level of the reduction building, plus the reduction from the level of research you have completed. For example, a Level 1 reduction building combined with Pulley has a net of 3% reduction, with Geometry there is a net of 7%, and with Spirit Level there is a net of 15%. With the maximum level of reduction buildings (Level 32, 32% reduction) and Spirit Level (14%), the maximum reduction for that resource is 46%. This means you use only 54% of the original cost.

Architect's Office

Architects office l
Research Required: Architecture ( Economy )
Description: Angle, Compass and Yardstick: The Architect's Office provides everything needed for building straight walls and stable roofs. And a well-planned house needs a lot less marble than a skew one.
  • This building will affect the cost of all buildings except for the Academy and the Temple.
    Some buildings will not be affected at the lower levels as they only cost Wood small to build or upgrade.
  • This building will not affect the costs for units or ships, nor for donations to the Miracle on the island.
Effect: ReducesMarble small consumption by 1% per level.


Carpenter l
Research Required: Carpentry ( Seafaring )
Description: Only the best lumbers are used at the Carpenter's Workshop. Therefore our handy craftsmen are able to build a solid framework and our houses don't have to be repaired all the time.
  • Every level of the Carpenter lowers demand for Wood small by 1% per expansion (only in the town it is built).
Effect: Reduces Wood small consumption by 1% per level.

Firework Test Area

Firework test area l
Research Required: Pyrotechnics ( Military )
Description: The constant exercises with the fireworks don't only light up the skies, but sometimes also the surrounding buildings. Our researchers, though, can only optimize the demand for sulphur, when they test new mixtures again and again.
Effect: ReducesSulphur small consumption by 1% per level.


Optician l
Research Required: Optics ( Science )
Description: Lenses and magnifying glasses don't only help our scientists to see clearly and find important papers on their desk, they are also necessary in order to invent all the new technologies that make us so proud. The optician keeps everything we need carefully stored in boxes, so less things get lost and the demand for Crystal Glass is decreased per building level.

WikIkariam Notes

Every level of the Optician lowers demand for Crystal small by 1% per expansion (only in the town it is built).

Effect: Reduces Crystal small consumption by 1% per level.

Wine Press

Wine press l
Research Required: Wine Cellars ( Economy )
Description: Only the purest wines mature in the deep and cool cellars of the town. And the cellar's master makes sure nothing trickles away and all the wine can run through the throats of your citizens.
Effect: ReducesWine small consumption by 1% per level.

Other Buildings

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