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Counties wp of England
"Flag image for Bedfordshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Berkshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Bristol does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Buckinghamshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Cambridgeshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!
Bedfordshire  wp Berkshire  wp Bristol  wp Buckinghamshire  wp
including Milton Keynes  wp
Cambridgeshire  wp
including Peterborough  wp
"Flag image for Cheshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, consisting of Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Halton and Warrington "Flag image for City of London does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Cornwall does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Isles of Scilly "Flag image for Cumbria does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Derbyshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Derby
"Flag image for Devon does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Plymouth and Torbay "Flag image for Dorset does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Bournemouth and Poole "Flag image for County Durham does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Darlington, Hartlepool, and Stockton-on-Tees north of the River Tees "Flag image for East Riding of Yorkshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Kingston-upon-Hull "Flag image for East Sussex does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Brighton and Hove
"Flag image for Essex does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock "Flag image for Gloucestershire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including South Gloucestershire "Flag image for Greater London does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, excluding the City of London "Flag image for Greater Manchester does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Hampshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Portsmouth and Southampton
"Flag image for Herefordshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Hertfordshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Isle of Wight does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Kent does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Medway "Flag image for Lancashire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Blackburn with Darwen, and Blackpool
"Flag image for Leicestershire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Leicester "Flag image for Lincolnshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including North Lincolnshire, and North East Lincolnshire "Flag image for Merseyside does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Norfolk does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for North Yorkshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland, York, and Stockton-on-Tees south of the River Tees
"Flag image for Northamptonshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Northumberland does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Nottinghamshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Nottingham "Flag image for Oxfordshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Rutland does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!
"Flag image for Shropshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Telford and Wrekin "Flag image for Somerset does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset "Flag image for South Yorkshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Staffordshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Stoke-on-Trent "Flag image for Suffolk does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!
"Flag image for Surrey does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Tyne and Wear does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Warwickshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for West Midlands does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for West Sussex does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!
"Flag image for West Yorkshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"! "Flag image for Wiltshire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!, including Swindon "Flag image for Worcestershire does not exist in {{Flag/Image}}"!
Code Subdivision name Subdivision category In country/province
GB-BKM Buckinghamshire two-tier county ENG
GB-CAM Cambridgeshire two-tier county ENG
GB-CMA Cumbria two-tier county ENG
GB-DBY Derbyshire two-tier county ENG
GB-DEV Devon two-tier county ENG
GB-DOR Dorset two-tier county ENG
GB-ESX East Sussex two-tier county ENG
GB-ESS Essex two-tier county ENG
GB-GLS Gloucestershire two-tier county ENG
GB-HAM Hampshire two-tier county ENG
GB-HRT Hertfordshire two-tier county ENG
GB-KEN Kent two-tier county ENG
GB-LAN Lancashire two-tier county ENG
GB-LEC Leicestershire two-tier county ENG
GB-LIN Lincolnshire two-tier county ENG
GB-NFK Norfolk two-tier county ENG
GB-NYK North Yorkshire two-tier county ENG
GB-NTH Northamptonshire two-tier county ENG
GB-NTT Nottinghamshire two-tier county ENG
GB-OXF Oxfordshire two-tier county ENG
GB-SOM Somerset two-tier county ENG
GB-STS Staffordshire two-tier county ENG
GB-SFK Suffolk two-tier county ENG
GB-SRY Surrey two-tier county ENG
GB-WAR Warwickshire two-tier county ENG
GB-WSX West Sussex two-tier county ENG
GB-WOR Worcestershire two-tier county ENG
GB-BDG Barking and Dagenham London borough ENG
GB-BNE Barnet London borough ENG
GB-BEX Bexley London borough ENG
GB-BEN Brent London borough ENG
GB-BRY Bromley London borough ENG
GB-CMD Camden London borough ENG
GB-CRY Croydon London borough ENG
GB-EAL Ealing London borough ENG
GB-ENF Enfield London borough ENG
GB-GRE Greenwich London borough ENG
GB-HCK Hackney London borough ENG
GB-HMF Hammersmith and Fulham London borough ENG
GB-HRY Haringey London borough ENG
GB-HRW Harrow London borough ENG
GB-HAV Havering London borough ENG
GB-HIL Hillingdon London borough ENG
GB-HNS Hounslow London borough ENG
GB-ISL Islington London borough ENG
GB-KEC Kensington and Chelsea London borough ENG
GB-KTT Kingston upon Thames London borough ENG
GB-LBH Lambeth London borough ENG
GB-LEW Lewisham London borough ENG
GB-MRT Merton London borough ENG
GB-NWM Newham London borough ENG
GB-RDB Redbridge London borough ENG
GB-RIC Richmond upon Thames London borough ENG
GB-SWK Southwark London borough ENG
GB-STN Sutton London borough ENG
GB-TWH Tower Hamlets London borough ENG
GB-WFT Waltham Forest London borough ENG
GB-WND Wandsworth London borough ENG
GB-WSM Westminster London borough ENG
GB-BNS Barnsley metropolitan district ENG
GB-BIR Birmingham metropolitan district ENG
GB-BOL Bolton metropolitan district ENG
GB-BRD Bradford metropolitan district ENG
GB-BUR Bury metropolitan district ENG
GB-CLD Calderdale metropolitan district ENG
GB-COV Coventry metropolitan district ENG
GB-DNC Doncaster metropolitan district ENG
GB-DUD Dudley metropolitan district ENG
GB-GAT Gateshead metropolitan district ENG
GB-KIR Kirklees metropolitan district ENG
GB-KWL Knowsley metropolitan district ENG
GB-LDS Leeds metropolitan district ENG
GB-LIV Liverpool metropolitan district ENG
GB-MAN Manchester metropolitan district ENG
GB-NET Newcastle upon Tyne metropolitan district ENG
GB-NTY North Tyneside metropolitan district ENG
GB-OLD Oldham metropolitan district ENG
GB-RCH Rochdale metropolitan district ENG
GB-ROT Rotherham metropolitan district ENG
GB-SHN Template:Sort metropolitan district ENG
GB-SLF Salford metropolitan district ENG
GB-SAW Sandwell metropolitan district ENG
GB-SFT Sefton metropolitan district ENG
GB-SHF Sheffield metropolitan district ENG
GB-SOL Solihull metropolitan district ENG
GB-STY South Tyneside metropolitan district ENG
GB-SKP Stockport metropolitan district ENG
GB-SND Sunderland metropolitan district ENG
GB-TAM Tameside metropolitan district ENG
GB-TRF Trafford metropolitan district ENG
GB-WKF Wakefield metropolitan district ENG
GB-WLL Walsall metropolitan district ENG
GB-WGN Wigan metropolitan district ENG
GB-WRL Wirral metropolitan district ENG
GB-WLV Wolverhampton metropolitan district ENG
GB-BAS Bath and North East Somerset unitary authority ENG
GB-BBD Blackburn with Darwen unitary authority ENG
GB-BDF Bedford unitary authority ENG
GB-BPL Blackpool unitary authority ENG
GB-BMH Bournemouth unitary authority ENG
GB-BRC Bracknell Forest unitary authority ENG
GB-BNH Brighton and Hove unitary authority ENG
GB-BST Bristol, City of unitary authority ENG
GB-CBF Central Bedfordshire unitary authority ENG
GB-CHE Cheshire East unitary authority ENG
GB-CHW Cheshire West and Chester unitary authority ENG
GB-CON Cornwall unitary authority ENG
GB-DAL Darlington unitary authority ENG
GB-DER Derby unitary authority ENG
GB-DUR Durham, County unitary authority ENG
GB-ERY East Riding of Yorkshire unitary authority ENG
GB-HAL Halton unitary authority ENG
GB-HPL Hartlepool unitary authority ENG
GB-HEF Herefordshire unitary authority ENG
GB-IOW Isle of Wight unitary authority ENG
GB-KHL Kingston upon Hull unitary authority ENG
GB-LCE Leicester unitary authority ENG
GB-LUT Luton unitary authority ENG
GB-MDW Medway unitary authority ENG
GB-MDB Middlesbrough unitary authority ENG
GB-MIK Milton Keynes unitary authority ENG
GB-NEL North East Lincolnshire unitary authority ENG
GB-NLN North Lincolnshire unitary authority ENG
GB-NSM North Somerset unitary authority ENG
GB-NBL Northumberland unitary authority ENG
GB-NGM Nottingham unitary authority ENG
GB-PTE Peterborough unitary authority ENG
GB-PLY Plymouth unitary authority ENG
GB-POL Poole unitary authority ENG
GB-POR Portsmouth unitary authority ENG
GB-RDG Reading unitary authority ENG
GB-RCC Redcar and Cleveland unitary authority ENG
GB-RUT Rutland unitary authority ENG
GB-SHR Shropshire unitary authority ENG
GB-SLG Slough unitary authority ENG
GB-SGC South Gloucestershire unitary authority ENG
GB-STH Southampton unitary authority ENG
GB-SOS Southend-on-Sea unitary authority ENG
GB-STT Stockton-on-Tees unitary authority ENG
GB-STE Stoke-on-Trent unitary authority ENG
GB-SWD Swindon unitary authority ENG
GB-TFW Telford and Wrekin unitary authority ENG
GB-THR Thurrock unitary authority ENG
GB-TOB Torbay unitary authority ENG
GB-WRT Warrington unitary authority ENG
GB-WBK West Berkshire unitary authority ENG
GB-WIL Wiltshire unitary authority ENG
GB-WNM Windsor and Maidenhead unitary authority ENG
GB-WOK Wokingham unitary authority ENG
GB-YOR York unitary authority ENG

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