You have been playing Ikariam Up to this point in 2011. You have a nice account going and you are a top player and contribute much of your time to Ikariam. Here is a guide on how to make the game exciting again like the good old days of when the game was young.

What To Do?

  • Upgrade All Your Architects's Offices to Level 32
  • Upgrade All Your Carpenter's Workshop's to Level 32
  • Upgrade All Your Hideout's to Level 32
  • Buy All 180 Cargo Ships
  • Research "The Future" Research's to Level 3
  • Build Barracks to Level 32
  • Build Wall to Level 32
  • Expand to at least 10 colonies
  • Get Into Top 500 Places
  • Get into Top 20 Offensive Points
  • Create an Alliance Island for your alliance members to populate
  • Invite Friends Through The Invite System To Gain Extra Ships
  • Build a Mighty General Score
  • Increase Your Town Level to 30 to produce more gold
  • Donate To Island Resources and Boost them up levels.
  • Pillage and Occupy
  • Buy Ambrosia and Move Around

Other Idea's

About More Ways to Entertain Yourself at Ikariam


Conflicts in ikariam are fun and they can be time-consuming. Don't enter into one unless you're sure you'll have regular access to ikariam all hours of the day. Alliance wars are rare between strong alliances, with large coalitions formed of many alliances in order to keep the peace. Yet when they do occur they can be vicious and the ultimate test of your empire's strength and your own tactical and strategic abilities. What can be equally fun though is to fight a single player, of equal or greater size to you, on your own. This may require an agreement with the other player that neither of you will bring in allies to help, as 1vs1 can quickly become 1vs10 if things go badly.

There are two major limiting factors in Ikariam wars; population and distance. Since each of your citizens produces 3 gold when not being used as a scientist or worker they are the basic means of funding your army. Higher population means that you can have larger armies, therefore you want as many towns as possible, each with high leveled town halls. However by selling resources on the market you can top-up your gold supplies and run an army at a deficit. Distance is an important factor because if it will take your troops 8 hours to arrive at their destination there may be a very large army waiting for them. Here proxy colonies or occupied towns become a vital strategy for any serious general, as using these as a launch point for your armies means that they are only 15-30 minutes away from any town on that island.

During a war it is important to remain polite in messages, and to try and consider the implications of your actions. Occupying a small player to use his town as a springing point for your attacks may seem harmless, but his alliance may think otherwise and attack you in return. Likewise a player may have annoyed you by winning a battle, but they may be a nice and friendly person who, in other circumstances, you could be friends with - best not to alienate them.


The pillaging of other player's towns to loot their resources. Fun and profitable, and quite likely to get you into trouble if you do it a lot - therefore if you're bored and want a fight, pillage everyone you can in your area and don't stop when they ask you to!

If however you just want to gain resources quickly, there are some important steps you should take. Firstly, upgrade your hideouts to lvl 32. This way you should be able to successfully spy most targets, finding those with high resources and low military, preferably not involved in any alliance. Secondly build a very strong army; though strategies differ, most players agree that having enough siege units to fully breach your opponent's wall is a vital component of any army. Thirdly, either establish a colony on the island that you wish to pillage or occupy a small town there. This means that your enemy has only 15 minutes warning of your attack, and is therefore unlikely to be able to send reinforcements to his town. Speed is of the essence in piracy; move quickly, attack quickly and retreat quickly before anyone can take retribution. Such piracy is both incredibly profitable and intense fun.

Note: For maximum profitability you should have the full complement of 180 Cargo Ships to pillage a full 90,000 goods each time. Some players also choose to leave behind enough trade ships when pillaging to evacuate their army if necessary, a strategy well worth following in many cases.

~Created By Epicknightikariam~

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