Godly protection town

A town under godly protection

Godly protection info

This town is under godly protection

Godly protection (also referred to as New player protection) provides protection for new players, often referred to as newbies, from higher level players, so that their town cannot be pillaged, occupied or blockaded until one of the following occurs:

  1. The player expands their Town hall to Level 5. (Level 7 if your Ikariam Plus is activated)
  2. The player has sent troops/ships out for the first time to attack another player.
  3. The player founds their first colony. (Arrival of the ships)
  4. The player becomes inactive.

Game description

To ease you into the game, players that are new to the world of Ikariam cannot be attacked. You can see whether the protection is activated by the white dove Noob next to your town's name.

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