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There are ten (10) different forms of government, of which:

Eight (8) are Permanent
Two (2) are Temporary, of which one (1) is Revolutionary.

Optional governments

Optional governments are Governments that the player chooses to control his island nation and will not change unless the player changes the form of government.


Aristocracy means "Nobility"


Aristocracy is a government ruled by nobility, so an elite group.

Game note:
Aristocracy as a form of government is especially suited for island kingdoms with lots of building projects.


1. 20% reduction in the buildings build time.
2. 20% increase in espionage defense.


+3% corruption in all colonies.


Democracy means "People"


Democracy is a government ruled by the people.

Game note:
Democracy is a form of government especially suited for big, but peaceful island kingdoms.


  1. +75 Satisfaction in all cities.
  2. +1 Research point each hour for each displayed cultural good.


  1. -20% Spy defense.
  2. +5% longer build times for troops (NOT ships).


Dictator means "Commander"


Dictatorship is the leadership of a commander, so an individual person.

Game note:
Dictatorship is a form of government from which all military-orientated island kingdoms can profit from in particular.


  1. -2% reduced upkeep for troops and war ships.
  2. +2% faster build times for troops and war ships.
  3. +2 Cargo Ships


-75 Satisfaction in all cities.


Ikacracy means "King of the Islands"


Ikacracy is the leadership of the benevolent island ruler.

Game note:
Ikacracy is the standard form of government in Ikariam. They are especially suitable for versatile or undecided island kingdoms.






Nomocracy means "Ruled by laws"


Nomocracy is a form of government ruled by law in which the rulers themselves cannot easily change the laws.

Game note:
Nomocracy is a form of government that is especially suited to island kingdoms that have grown quickly and have to establish themselves.


1. -5% Corruption in all cities.

2. +20% espionage defense.


1. +5% longer build times for troops and war ships.

2. +50% longer loading times in your ports.


Oligarchy means "Power rests with small number of people"


Oligarchy is a form of government in which a minority rules, in Ikariam these are the rich merchant families.

Game note:
Oligarchy as a form of government is especially well suited for trade-orientated island kingdoms.


1. +5 Range of trading posts.

2. +10% increased speed for your trade ships.

3. -2% less upkeep for war ships.

4. +2 trade ships.


1. +20% increased build time for all buildings.

2. +3% corruption in all cities.


Technocracy means "Experts/Scientists"


Technocracy is a government ruled by experts - at Ikariam these are the scientists and researchers.

Game note:
Technocracy is especially suited for inquisitive or over productive island kingdoms.


  1. +5% (+.05) research points.
  2. +20% productivity of assistant workers.
With Technocracy:
Your Helping Hands increase production by +15% rather than the normal +12.5%.


+1 gold upkeep per hour for each scientist.


Theocracy means "Priests"


Theocracy is a government ruled by clergy.

Game note:
Theocracy is a form of government for island kingdoms with lots of temples, that would like to benefit from miracles.


  1. -20% cool-down for all wonders.
  2. Satisfaction bonus, if the city has a Temple:
    { 2 \times { \color { green } Number ~of ~Priests } \times 5 \div { \color { blue } Maximum ~population } \times 100 }
    If this bonus is less than or equal to (<=) 150 then this number is your satisfaction bonus.
    If this bonus is greater than (>) 150 then your satisfaction bonus will be 150.
  3. Earn +1 gold income for each priest employed.


  1. -5% (-0.05) research points per hour per scientist.
  2. -20 satisfaction in all cities without a temple.

Imposed governments

Imposed governments are Governments that are not player chosen, but are imposed upon the player, and do not last for a long period of time.


Xenocracy means "Ruled by someone else"


If your capital is ever occupied, the form of government will switch to Xenocracy. However this occurs without a revolution or costs.

Game note:
  1. Xenocracy means that you only achieve half of the advantages of your actual form of government. The same goes for the disadvantage effects of your form of government.
  2. As soon as your capital has been liberated, you will have the full effects of the advantages and disadvantages of your form of government again. This will happen without a revolution or costs.
  3. Xenocracy does NOT affect Anarchy, you will continue to have its full effects, if your capital becomes occupied while you are under Anarchy.
WikIkariam note:
Xenocracy only occurs when your Capital has become occupied by another player and does not change your current government but just halves (½) the advantages and disadvantages of the current government.


All of the Disadvantages of your normal Government are cut in ½.

  • Anarchy is not considered to be a normal government and thus is not affected by Xenocracy.


All of the Advantages of your normal Government are cut in ½.

  • Anarchy is not considered to be a normal government and thus is not affected by Xenocracy.



Anarchy is a governmental corruption, not to be confused with normal corruption, and only occurs when you have had a Revolution.

Lasts for 30 minutes times the total number of towns you have.
Can occur in your Palace as well as in your Colonies.

WikIkariam notes

  1. No matter how much you increase your wine Wine small output in your Tavern(s) or how high you raise your Museum(s), you can not reduce the effects that this corruption has on your towns happiness, just as if you were to attack a player that you have a Cultural Exchange with.
  2. The only way to keep from having this form of corruption is to have your Palace/Governor's Residence(s) set at 1 level higher than what you normally would need for the number of colonies that you own.
  3. If you already have 11 colonies (12 total towns) then you will be stuck with losing your population for the 6 hours that the Anarchy will last, as you can not raise your Palace/Governor's Residence(s) any higher because they will be at their hard cap level.




1. +25% additional corruption in all cities.

2. All troops and war ships return home if they are stationed in foreign cities or on their way to foreign cities.

3. All troops and war ships scatter automatically if they are fighting in foreign towns or ports.

4. NO impact on fights taking place in your own cities.

5. You can not move troops or war ships during anarchy.

6. You can not train troops or war ships during anarchy.

7. You can not send out spy mission or order one.

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