Other flags


  • {{Flag|ax}}
  • {{Flag|Aland Islands}} Ax (FI)


  • {{Flag|um-81}}
  • {{Flag|us-um-81}}
  • {{Flag|baker island}} Us (US)

  • {{Flag|Vg}}
  • {{Flag|Bvi}}
  • {{Flag|Virgin Islands}}
  • {{Flag|British Virgin Islands}} Vg (UK)


  • {{Flag|us-ca}}
  • {{Flag|california}} Us-Ca (US)

  • {{Flag|Bq}}
  • {{Flag|Nl-Bq}}
  • {{Flag|Caribbean Netherlands}} Nl (NL)

  • {{Flag|ky}}
  • {{Flag|Cayman Islands}} Ky (UK)

  • {{Flag|Cx}}
  • {{Flag|Christmas Island}} Cx (AU)

  • {{Flag|Cc}}
  • {{Flag|Cocos islands}}
  • {{Flag|cocos and keeling islands}}
  • {{Flag|Cocos (Keeling) Islands}}
  • {{Flag|Keeling Island}} Cc (AU)

  • {{Flag|us-cn}}
  • {{Flag|connecticut}} Us-Cn (US)

  • {{Flag|coral sea islands}} Au (AU)

  • {{Flag|Crimea}}
  • {{Flag|Republic of Crimea}}
  • {{Flag|ua-43}} Ua-43 (UA)

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