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New Features

  • "Report" button available.
  • Detail page added to the premium features.

Bugs Fixed

  • Payment-Block added.
  • Offers at the Trading post that come from deleted colonies aren't shown anymore.
  • Diplomacy overview key in English.
  • Circumvention of action points fixed.
  • Disband more units than available.
  • e.g. Greek letters are allowed in player, alliance, and town names.
  • Bought goods are reserved immediately if trade agreement is in effect.
  • Production by helpers was calculated wrongly.
  • If a spy was sent to a town without buildings, it got "stuck".
  • Error message while renaming a town (string too short or too long).
  • White page when activating a wonder.
  • Demolishing a building gives back correct amount of resources.
  • Messages now show the town where the message was sent from, not the Capital.
  • Max-Button doesn't regard the live production.
  • Smaller fixes on military agreements.
  • The validation mail can only be sent three times within 24 hours.

Other Patches

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