This version has been referred to as Patch 0.4.2 (Phase 2) on the forums by the Administrators.


  • New functions of the friends list:
    • The gold bonus remains unchanged.
      Each time one of your friends creates a colony, you will get (own amount of colonies) * (his amount of colonies) * 1,000 gold. If you have 2 cities (1 colony) and he has 4 (3 colonies), you will get 1 * 3 * 1,000 = 3,000 gold.
    • The research bonus is modified.
      If one of your friends (and it doesn’t matter anymore if you invited him into the game or not) finishes a research, you will get up to 1% of the research points he used to finish his research, the minimum being Research small and the maximum being 50% of your cheapest next research.
      If the research is a future research, you will get 1 / 300 of the points needed for level 1 of this future research.
    • We get a Cargo Ship bonus integrated into the game.
      For each player you invite into the game, you get 1 free trade ship as long as he is active in the game and in your friends list. You lose that free ship if he gets removed from the friends list, if he gets inactive or if he gets banned.
      You also get free trade ships for game progress of your friend. For every second colony he creates, you get another free ship, this means when he creates his 3rd city, his 5th city, his 7th city, his 9th city or his 11th city, you get a bonus free ship.
      In theory, you can generate a maximum of 72 free trade ships with the friends list.
      Should colonies be deleted, you lose the ships associated to these colonies. For those of you, who already have invited friends on their friends list, the trade ship bonus will automatically be taken into account and you will automatically get the free trade ships according to the development level of your friends a few moments after the update.


  • Trading post adjustments (Maximum price is reduced)
    • Max price cap reduced from 200% to 150% of the average.
    • Inactive, banned and accounts in vacation mode won't count for calculation of average
  • Additions to espionage system
    • It will be easier to sent more spies to a city where users do already have one spy, possibilities to save and sort reports added
  • Check-box for automatic extension of premium features



None listed yet.


This release was implemented as a hotfix, and did not increase the version number shown in-game or in its links to CSS / JavaScript support pages. This patch is displayed as Patch 0.4.2.

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