This version has been referred to as Patch 0.4.2 (Phase 3) on the some of the forums by some of the administrators.


  • Civilized Barbarians - For 10 Ambrosia and 200 Gold small you can purchase 10 Icon citizen.
    You can "buy" people, until the maximum population of the city. If your happiness is not adequate for the number of inhabitants then they will leave.
  • 17th Island building space - On each of the islands there will be the 17th location, purchasable with ambrosia.
    If you move or delete your city from this location then the location will be re-purchasable to anyone with ambrosia.
    1. Cost to colonize this location: 250 Ambrosia.
    2. Cost to transfer a city to this location: 400 Ambrosia.
  • Triton jets - Trade ships get a premium turbo when on trading missions.


  • Draft - Now has a slider bar instead of a drop-down menu.
  • Updated trading port overview to show the relationship between the different ways to increase your Cargo Ship speed when they are used in combination or individually when transporting resources only .


This release was implemented as a hotfix, and did not increase the version number shown in-game or in its links to CSS / JavaScript support pages. This patch is displayed as Patch 0.4.2.

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