The " Red Vs Blue (PVP) event " occurs every couple of months and lasts for about a week

Red Vs Blue (PVP) event

  1. Gain points for your faction by neutralizing your enemies' bases that are marked by a shield
  2. A base is neutralized if it is successfully pillaged once at LAND by an army of your faction
  3. Likewise, your marked capital city serves as your own base which you have to defend against attackers at any cost
  4. Further towns will be marked as bases at the beginning, in case there is a faction imbalance
  5. If one of your own bases has been neutralized, the enemy receives points for it. However you can continue neutralizing enemy bases or help other military leaders to defend theirs
  6. The battle ends as soon as a faction`s bases have been completely neutralized or the planned ceasefire has been declared
  1. Those who don't want to take part at all can choose not to, by closing the pop-up window without choosing a side