There are two versions of Raids in the game of Ikariam:

  1. The first version of " Raid " is the normal in-game raiding that occurs when a player attacks another player, wins and the proceeds to pillage the player that they had just attacked.
  2. The second version of a " Raid " is the " Pirate Raid ", which resets every 21 days.

Pirate Raid

  1. To be able to conduct raids, you need a Pirate Fortress
  2. As soon as you own a Pirate Fortress, other players can carry out the raid action against you
  3. If a raid against an opponent is successful you will immediately receive all his capture points
  4. The raid has a traveling duration and will be displayed to you and your opponent on the military adviser screen
  5. The result of the raid is automatically determined. For this you and your opponent receive a destiny bonus of -10 % to +10 % on your crew strength. Afterwards the crew strengths of both players will be compared and the winner will be determined
  6. Raids can only be carried out on towns that are in the range surrounding your island. The range increases by 1 per expansion level of your Pirate Fortress
  7. All islands in the range of your active town that have a Pirate Fortress on them, will receive a black flag
  8. All towns in the range of your active town that have a Pirate Fortress on them, will be marked

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