Science research
Research Points:
Required: ( 30 ) Research small Accumulated (54 Research small)
 Science : Well Digging
 Science : Espionage

+2% more Research small
Scientists: Levels of research:


We have found a way how to write down our knowledge! Now we have scriptures made from the papyrus plant, so we don't have to chisel our words into the heavy stones anymore in order to fill our library!


2% more (+.02) research points per hour per scientist.

  • Each scientist will now produce 1.02 Research small per hour instead of the normal Research small per hour.

Total score & Scientists

All researches give you 0.02 Scientists points for every Research small spent on any of them. This is added to your Total score points.

Levels of research

You will earn 4 Levels of research points for every research you complete, no matter how manyResearch small are required to complete it or which group it belongs to.

Other Science researches

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