The tutorial consists of 14 different tasks that you will need to finish to get a reward. The tutorial itself takes less than 20 minutes and is recommended that you take, due to the rewards that do help at the beginning.

Tasks and Rewards of the Tutorial

# Task Rewards
1 Click on 'show island' and go to the saw mill.

Employ 10 villagers as workers there to produce building material.
Return to the town 'overview' afterwards.

200 Wood small
2 Click on a 'free building space' that is marked with a red flag.

Construct an academy there.

12 Research small
2b After completion. 100 Wood small
3 Go to the research overview now.

Research conservation there.

+1 level of the Academy
4 Visit your academy now.

Hire 8 villagers as scientists there.

22 Research small
5 Click on a free building space with a red flag.

Construct a warehouse there.

100 Wood small
6 Use the speed up arrows 2 twice (2x) on the warehouse. +1 level of the Warehouse
7 Click on a free building space again.

Construct some barracks there.

100 Wood small

4 Ambrosia

7b After completion. 150 Wood small

+1 level of the Barracks

8 Enter the barracks.

Train 3 Spearmen there.
Return to the town overview.
Click on the special building space with the yellow flag at the top left.
Construct a Town wall.

3 Spearmen

2 Ambrosia

9 Click on a free port building space with a blue flag.

Construct a port there.

240 Gold small
10 Use the speed up arrows 2 twice (2x) on the trading port. 240 Gold small
2 Ambrosia
11 Visit your port.

Buy your first trading ship.

+1 Trade ship
12 Enter your warehouse.

Commission the upgrade of the building level there.

+1 level of the Town wall
13 Go to the island view.

Click on the barbarian village there.
Choose the command to 'pillage in the side menu.
Choose 3 spearmen and 2 trade ships.
Let your troops execute the command.

10 Ambrosia
14 Click on the Ambrosia amphora.

Check out our shop.

+ 500 Wood small

+ 500 Marble small
+1 level of the Town hall
+ 1,500 Gold small

# Tasks Rewards

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