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Law of the Lever ( Military )
Barracks Level 8
260 Wood small 300 Sulphur small Icon citizen 25 Icon upkeep


Catapults sling huge rocks against opponents' defense facilities and thus they can destroy even the strongest stone walls. However they are less useful for defence against enemy armed forces.

  • A Level 33 Town wall is the highest wall a non-upgraded Catapult can take down, due to the wall's armour.
    • A Level 34 Town wall is the highest wall a fully-upgraded Inferno-Missiled Catapult can take down, due to the wall's armour.
  • During battle, Catapults deploy to the artillery battle line.
    • Catapults do not move to the front battle line if not filled, so if you have no units except Catapults or other artillery in a battle, they will withdraw.

Attack Sequence

Front battle lineFlanks


 Unit attack Hit points  Unit defend Armour  Cargo space Size  Cargo Weight Cargo Weight  Unit helmet Class  Unit boom Type  Unit speed Speed
54 - 5 30 Machine Artillery 40
Icon citizen Cost Wood small Cost Sulphur small Cost Icon upkeep Upkeep Build  Time small Barracks  Minimum Generals
5 260 300 25 30m 8 11.2


Rank Weapon Damage Accuracy Munition
Sword-icon1 - First Class Rock 133 10% 5
Sword-icon2 - Second Class Dagger 4 20% -

Catapult upgrades

Offense Effect Gold small Crystal small  Time small WorkshopMinimum
Sword-icon3 - Fire-Missile Damage +1 6,000 4,000 1h 10
Sword-icon2 - HellFire-Missile Damage +2 15,000 10,000 2h 11
Sword-icon1 - Inferno-Missile Damage +3 36,000 24,000 3h 12
Defense Effect Gold small Crystal small  Time small WorkshopMinimum
Shield-icon3 - Bronze Plating Armour +1 3,000 2,000 1h 10
Shield-icon2 - Iron Plating Armour +2 9,000 6,000 2h 11
Shield-icon1 - Steel Plating Armour +3 24,000 16,000 3h 12

Training times

Other Units

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