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Barracks Level 0
89 Ambrosia small for a package of 300

Description Edit

He is born for battle. His trade is that of war. He only fights on the front line on the field.

  • During battle, Spartans deploy to the front battle line.
  • 30 Spartans fill the battlefield space of the Mini, Small and Medium battlefields.
  • 40 Spartans fill the battlefield space of the Large battlefield.
  • 50 Spartans fill the battlefield space of the Big, the largest, battlefield for a maximum of 350 Spartans.
  1. The Spartans come in a package package of 300 and cost 89 Ambrosia small per package
    This package is to commemerate the release of the movie " 300: Rise of an Empire "
  2. There is a limit of 300 packages per server - when they are sold then no more can be purchased by anyone on that server
  3. Spartans are available for a limited time from 03/07/2014 until 03/09/2014 (server time)
  4. After the limited time date expires, you can not acquire more spartan.
    Any remaining Spartans, that you have, can be used for fighting until they completely destroyed.

Attack Sequence Edit

FlanksLong-range weapons battle lineArtilleryFront battle line

Statistics Edit

 Unit attack Hit points  Unit defend Armour  Cargo space Size  Cargo Weight Cargo Weight  Unit helmet Class  Unit boom Type  Unit speed Speed
60 6 1 5 Human Heavy Infantry 60
 Icon citizen Cost Wood small Cost Sulphur small Cost  Icon upkeep Upkeep Build  Time small Barracks  Minimum Generals
0 40 [1] 40 [1] 0 0s 0 1.6
  1. 1.0 1.1 Spartans have no costs in wood nor sulfur. These resource number is used strictly for calculating the general score, offensive points, Defensive points and to calculate the black market negotiations.

Weapons Edit

Rank Weapon Damage Accuracy Munition
Sword-icon1 - First Class Spear 28 100% -

Training times Edit

  • There is no training times for the Spartan as they are not trained in the Barracks, these units are purchased in groups of 300 for 89 Ambrosia small

Quotation Edit

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