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Golden sunlight falls down on the gentle slopes. A perfect place for cultivating wine of excellent quality.

Vineyard information

The Vineyard allows you to gather Wine small. Wood Wood small is donated by members who have towns on the island to help upgrade the Vineyard. The higher the level, the more citizens Icon citizen can be allocated as workers to gather wine Wine small.

  • Wealth (Economy) is needed before you can use the Vineyard to gather wine Wine small.
  • Helping Hands allows you to increase the number of workers by 50% for an added 12.5% production.
  • A Wine Press decreases Wine small costs by 1% per level in the town it is built in.
  • A Winegrower increases the base Wine small production in the Vineyard by 2% per level in the town it is built in.
  • A Helios Tower increases the base Wine small production in the Vineyard by 10% on the island it is built, while it is active.

Ikariam Plus options

Just below the slider bar you will see the following options:
Naturalize Barbarians-2 Steam Wine Press-2
* The bonus from the Steam wine press option can be seen if you mouse-over the resource production numbers in the table below.

Expansion details

Below are the costs to upgrade each level of the luxury resource on the {{{1}}} island.

Note: The time it takes to upgrade to the next level is determined by the following formula:

{ Build ~time ~in ~seconds = ( \frac { 14400 } { 1 } \times  1.1 ^ { Level } - 14400 ) }
{ ~rounded ~to ~the ~nearest ~whole ~second }

Due to the large number of templates and mouse-over tool-tips used to display the information on this building, we are breaking this building's expansion levels down into groups of 3, instead of the normal grouping of 10.

Other Resources

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